Space Travel for every one – Dreaming of Money from Space | SPACETIME – SCIENCE SHOW

SPACETIME – SCIENCE SHOW: A new space race has begun and it is already in full swing. Entrepreneurs with visions are embarking on the commercial …



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  1. @32:00…naw bro……Elon Musk ISN'T supported by the public purse. he had and still has LOTS of people against him for shaking up the hybrid and rocket markets. SUBSTANTIALLY. He was NEVER backed by the public. He got a piddly amount from NASA to develop the manned capsule, approx 1/4th of what Boeing and Lockheed got from NASA, and then, only because his privately funded rocket stuff looked like it was gonna workout from their point of view (2015 approx). Boeing, Lockheed, yes, public purse for certain, even if a public non governmental company. SpaceX straight up did it all alone and with almost no help, and lots of behind the scenes stabbing at spacex because they were costing super rich people some money for every rocket shot to orbit.

  2. NASA truly rubs people the wrong way. The ISS belongs to the PEOPLE and NASA is simply a TENANT. Every aspect of NASA is dependent on PUBLIC FUNDING. Until the day comes when they can stand on their own feet they should STFU!

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