Spinning Asteroids To Make Space Stations

In sci-fi the idea of an asteroid base is a common trope, we see them in The Expanse and in Elite: Dangerous. However, spinning up an asteroid leads to all …



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  1. In one famous Sci Fi book, our hero used thousands of autonomous Space mirrors to heat up a large asteroid and melted a hole in it down into the core to make a hole to the center. After it cooled off they then rounded up a few comets to stuff into the core. After another asteroid was slammed into the hole to close it up, they began to heat and rotate it .
    After the heat softened it to a point where the vaporized ice comets would use steam to expand it out to a larger size and then cool. Where they then cut a round doorway plug out of it and tapered it at the same time so it could be used as a door iater. What was left was a 12 Km ball with a 2Km thick shell. And so it was made into a large space station. Much later they used Freeman Dyson's nuclear space drive (By Exploding nuclear bombs on a thickened pad about 30 seconds apart for thrust) to move it around I guess making it a "Death Star". I would not want to foot the bill for all of the fissionable s…..

  2. I like how the Gundam IP solved asteroid colonization by essentially using the asteroid as a casing for linked, smaller O'niel cylinder type compartments. The natural rock face augmented with additional structure was used as a kind of harbor style docking area. No idea if it's realistic though

  3. I don't get it, why Americans, didn't want to pronounce the whole decimal number???, like "zero point seventy-six" that means 0.76, and not just "point seventy-six". From an european person point of view, sounds idiotic to cut off the "zero" word from decimal number.

  4. IIRC in one episode of The Expanse you hear one of the stations flight controllers say they were going to take over control, I think it was season 1. Would it be easier for someone on the spinning station to maneuver in the ship trying to dock?

  5. Ceres is a minor planet not an asteroid, and already has gravity, albeit significantly less than Earth. Also if Eros didn't already have gravity, how did we send a space probe to orbit and land on it… food for thought!

  6. Are there no mostly solid large asteroids in the solar system? Are they all just loose collections of rock? What about those big chunks of planets that got launched when proto-planets collided?

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