The Antares Rocket – NASA's Less Famous Ride To The Space Station

The Antares rocket is not the best known rocket, except when it exploded, then everyone noticed. The Antares grew out of the same commercial orbital services …



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  1. "FOOL" Power aka to the rest of the English speaking world its "full"… lmao … I know Scott"ie" wants to say it "Captain I can't give her any more, she is going to blow…

  2. I like how these companies somehow made it somewhat into kerbal. Thanks for the teaching Scott, your a great example of teaching interesting information threw globalized means.

  3. hi scott and everyone,
    i have an engine related question. its said that the falcon rockets do a suicide burn, because one merlin engine has, even when throttled to the minimum, too much thrust to let the rocket hover.

    Now, i assume throttling down is done by adjusting the turbo-pumps, but what defines the minimum thrust. Is it the pump itself or would the gasflow in the nozzle get disturbed, or something completely different? How does the thrust correspond to efficiency, maybe with a view on different chamber pressures…if there is a relation.

    Thanks folks!

  4. What is the point of Antares? It's basically a smaller Atlas 5 with a solid rocket second stage. Does the RL-10 cost so much that replacing it with a solid is a superb idea? Especially given that you're going to launch maybe 20 of these things total.

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