The Deadliest (and Simplest) Space Weapon

Artist: Masood Safdarian Editor: Lilit Aramyan ARIA: @ClaireMax Smart boi: Kyle Music: bensound.com Sound effects: freesound.org.



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  1. Near Earth Object = Neo
    (Btw, there’s a cool app available for iPhones called Exoplanet, which gives you all kinds of info that not even the Sunday NY Times would give you. There’s another called SkyORB that’s also fun but gives you more info that’s useful in day to day (or night to night) life. Whether either or both are available on other platforms I really don’t know but it would be nice.

  2. your incessant recommendation finally made me watch it. WTF!! it's such a great show!

    don't get me wrong, a year or so ago, i tried watching and got super bored. it's a slow burner but once you let yourself get into all the plots and characters, you truly do appreciate all the little details! Thanks Kyle, i've almost finished S5. and i think the belters are morally unjust for what they did.

    and WTF!!! that molecule using that dudes image, was, insanity. i am wholly invested, and it's all your fault. fucking nerds! i love 'em!

  3. fun fact, even warhammer, for all its tiers of over the top rediculousnes, used this method in destroying the planet of Cadia (look up the 13th black crusade if you're curious), only instead of an asteroid it was a massive space fortress called the Will of Eternity, which according to a quick google search was somewhere between 720 – 1440 km wide, and the impact didn't just destroy the surface of the planet, it cause enough tectonic instability to break the planet apart a few hours later

  4. I remember how in the book series The Expanse, this plot point was forshadowed since, well, I think since even the first book. In the first book the crew looked at the enourmous Donnager, and noted that it was a so called "planet killer". Then one charecter pointed out that this wan't really impressive, since with super powerfull drives like the ones they had, all you needed to do to have a really devastating weapon was to accelerate towards a planet, drop an anvil and fly away. So when in book 5 there were asteroids dropping all over Earth, it was already well established how devastating how deadly this strategy was.

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